Social Housing buildings in Torrent, Valencia, 2023

Social Housing buildings in Elche, 2022

Lanbide, 2021

Social Housing building in Alicante, 2021

Building for technological companies, 2021

New Exhibition Space, 2021

Cultural Center La Lechera, 2021

Cala Advocat, 2021

Park in Nervion's Riverbank, 2020

Housing the Basque Country Madrid, 2019

Housing the Basque Country San Sebastián, 2018

Housing the Basque Country, 2018

Residential Building in León, 2017

RESSIDO Project, 2016

Ice Rink in Brunico, 2014

Sala de los Alcaldes de Bilbao, 2014

Auzo Factory Irazabal Matiko, 2013

Public Housing in Epalinges, 2013

School and swimming pool in Cossonay, 2012

Kindergarten and Primary School in Zaldibar, 2012

Plaza del Grano in León, 2011

Urban Plan for Sector SSUNC 33 in Ponferrada, 2011

Plaza Mayor in Medina del Campo , 2011

Sacred Art Business Park in Seville, 2010

PEASS Building, 2010

Neanderthal Center, 2010

Architetture Per i Litorali, 2010

Provincial Palace of Zamora, 2010

Extension of Santurce Park, 2009

Garellano Master Plan, 2009

Contemporary Visual Culture Center, 2008

Valle de Mena Housing, 2008

Multi-Purpose Building University of Valladolid, 2008

Justice Campus Access Building, 2008

Auditorium of Soria and New Urban Planning, 2006

Office Building for the Principality of Asturias, 2006

New Planning for Piazza Michelangelo, 2006

Spanish Motorcycle Museum, 2006

Restoration of Spoleto Roman Theatre, 2005

COAM Headquarters and Municipal Facilities, 2005

Sacred Art Business Park, 2005

Center for Education in Marine Biology, 2004

'Celebration of Cities' Urban Proposal, 2004

211 Housing units in Ciudad Real, 2004

36 Housing units in Málaga, 2004

Rehabilitation of Telefónica Building in León, 2004

General Assembly of Guipúzcoa Headquarters, 2004

112 Housing units in Guadalajara, 2004

Bullring Rehabilitation in Oviedo, 2004