New Exhibition Space

Bilbao. Spain | 2021

Gogora Institute

The project for the Gogora Institute's New Exhibition Space proposes a serene, neutral and discreet volume on the outside, inside which two types of spaces are structured: an exhibition ring with four themed rooms containing the Institute's informative content, and a central agora for reflection in which the public can internalise the message received and share what they have learnt.

The new pavilion aims to build a particular personal experience. The user begins by understanding History according to a succession of clearly and physically separated Memory Rooms, and then enters a final room without context - the agora - in which the protagonist is not the content, nor the container, but himself and his reflection. The perimeter spaces display the testimonies of the different Memories through an architectural scenario integrated with the museographic proposal; the second transcends any spatial conception to construct the void through light and the absence of material features, altering the user's mood and preparing him for the personal conclusion.

The building is proposed on the basis of constructional and structural rationality, seeking to reduce to the maximum the impact of the new construction in relation to the courtyard and basement in which it stands. Its execution is conceived on the basis of dry assembly, materials and modulated elements of manageable size, avoiding reinforced concrete and brick partitions, resorting to the assembly of the metallic structure, to the workshop assembly of all the furniture and to the dry joint.


3er Premio | 3rd Prize I Gogora new exhibition space Ideas Competition | 2021