Building for technological companies

Leon. Spain | 2021

Municipality of Leon

The proposal is based on the will to adapt intelligently to the pre-existing CEBT (Centre for Technology-Based Companies) building, sharing functionalities with it, taking advantage of the infrastructure already built and improving it with the controlled intervention in the undeveloped spaces of the site. Thus, a new volume is proposed -of similar dimensions to the CEBT- positioned in the southern area of the plot that is the object of the competition, at a distance of ten metres from the former. Both buildings are connected by an enclosed passageway, creating two architecturally controlled exterior spaces that are proposed as places for extending the interior activity. It is also proposed to consider the entrance to the new building from the CEBT, although it is possible to access both facilities through the new structure that links them.


| 2 º Premio I Concurso de Ideas Edificio para empresas del sector tecnológico | 2021