Social Housing building in Alicante

Alicante. Spain | 2021

Valencian Housing and Land Entity

The project is based on a system of courtyards and vestibules linked to the homes, taking advantage of the building's access areas as places for the expansion of domestic life. Each house is associated with an outdoor space immediately outside its door that is large enough to be colonised for multiple activities. This surface area seeks to inspire ambiguous spaces, necessary for everyday and exceptional situations. The Covid pandemic has highlighted the lack of resilience of collective housing. The inclusion of this type of place, without a specific use, in the communal areas, as well as the structure of the proposed residential type, allows for the construction of a small habitat that can be expanded in its immediate surroundings. The house includes this hallway where one can exercise and play games, read peacefully or organise a dinner with friends; a small work area has even been thought of in the living room. Each level of the building is provided with a small space for the use of its dwellings and, finally, a ground floor is organised for the whole neighbourhood. All these spaces generate an ecosystem of their own that acquires productive capacity, urban autonomy and a life of its own. 



3rd Prize | Ideas Competition Social Housing building in Alicante | 2021