School and swimming pool in Cossonay

Cossonay. Switzwerland | 2012


Cossonay is a small village were life is quiet and related to nature. Its scale and its low density configure a valuable architectonic and landscaping context for its inhabitants. The Chavannes area is not an exception so we propose a group of small school and sport buildings embedded in this context. The idea separates the program in three minor scale buildings which, however, maintain the same identity. The School with gymnasium, the nursery with the refectory and children's play centre, and the swimmingpool are separated in three volumes in order to form a low density group inserted in the natural surroundings without a great visual impact. The school and the nursery are joined with an elevated bridge and the swimmingpool is endowed with a canopy to access from parking to school. A big area has been reserved in the southeast part of the plot for playground.

Proximity relationships between three volumes conform a public space with the same importance than the rest of the project. Because of this square is well-oriented, protected against northwest winds, not only serves to access all buildings and cross the plot, but also for public meetings and other activities.