Urban Plan for Sector SSUNC 33 in Ponferrada

Ponferrada, León. Spain | 2011

Ponferrada City Council

The planning for Sector SSUNC 33 in Ponferrada (León) has been designed taking into account the existing context, traffic and pedestrian fluxes, commercial and housing densities and the potentiality of the area as a new activity centre for the city. The project arranges new buildings in the southern part, creating a big surface with gardens and a plaza. Five towers above a commercial basement shape this public space.

The towers are pure prisms which give singularity to the intervention and connect functional and formally the new sector with the rest of the city. The towers host different uses, such as housing, apart hotels, hotels and offices. In the northern limit, a garden surface and with lush trees is proposed. Both, towers and gardens, configure an urban space –70 meters wide and 300 meters long– linked to the proposed uses.


2nd Prize | International Competition. Urban plan for sector SSUNC 33. Ponferrada | 2011