Plaza del Grano in León

León. Spain | 2011

León City Council

Located in the historic city center, the Plaza del Grano is the last great urban space in León that survives with all the physical singularities of the ancient city. Its most important values such us the stone pavement and the two ancient poplars must be preserved, restored and reconciled with the needs of the contemporary city. Therefore the aim of the proposal is not the replacement of these elements but its functional and aesthetical update.

The most significant intervention is the limitation of an area inside the old pavement in order to give the plaza the required accessibility. Trying not to impact so much, the new pavement is limited to the functional perimeter, allowing pedestrian access from and towards the square.

The proposal is completed with new urban furniture and trees. Among the furniture, the most relevant is a simple pavilion offered to restaurants and bars to place their chairs and tables in summer time. It is made out of wood and glass in order to minimize its presence.


2nd Prize | International Competition. Plaza del Grano. León | 2011