112 Housing units in Guadalajara

Guadalajara. Spain | 2004

Hercesa Inmobiliaria

With Daniel Gimeno

The project is viewed as a house which surrounds a light and abstract void. The floor plan is built within a module with a ten meter facade and twelve meter depth, divided into three parallel bands: the closest to the facade accommodates the family oriented spaces and the interior tends to maximum personal intimacy, achieving interior-exterior and individual-collective relationships with oriental inspiration. The central band joins these distinct levels by means of a luminous patio and a functionally ambiguous space.

The most intimate part is housed in prefabricated and hermetic modules, which also integrate the structural system as well as the home’s main energy supplies. The rest of the space remains disconnected from specific functions thanks to its dimension and the lack of structural restrictions. The distribution possibilities are multiple and depend on their residents, suggesting that personal preferences determine the finished product.

The model has been conceived to lend itself to horizontal extension or reduction and to grow vertically. Its assemblage in height allows the presence of separate patios and periscopic voids of four levels which can be used for energy management. Longitudinally, the overall effect is that of a compact building where each residence is afforded its own patio, focal point and ultimate representation of private life.


1st Prize | 'Javier Morales' Young Architects Competition. 112 Social Housing in Guadalajara. Spain | 2004


AV Proyectos n. 9 | 2005