Architetture Per i Litorali

Pistis, Sardinia. Italy | 2010

Regione Autonoma Della Sardegna

Con Sebastiano Provenzano

With Sebastiano Provenzano

Coastal landscape is one of Sardinia’s most valuable natural heritages. Its cliffs, trails, dunes and more than three hundred beaches and coves provide a natural setting that has historically given the Mediterranean island its own unique identity. From this point of view, the proposal for new facilities at Pistis Beach –located in the Comune de Arbus– aims for a singular construction that complements functionality and enriches visually the coastal surrounding without impinging on its high natural values.

The objective of this proposal is to offer a single structure to serve indistinctly any of the beaches’ activities. The solution is a simple pavilion with two lateral walls and a roof made of the same material. Besides functional versatility, this model is based on several prerequisites: unity in form, in an attempt to avoid proliferation of different facilities on the same beach; ease of assembly, transport and storage; and possibility of prefabrication and reproducibility, reducing as much as possible in situ construction and workshop costs. Arrive and assemble: plug-in.

We consider that manufacturing the object in two stages –pre-manufacturing or industrialization phase and the assembly and settlement in nature phase– confers the same a mobile quality that translates into position versatility. This way, its possibilities for inserting the same in the landscape and its possibilities of combination and aggregation are infinite, proposing sets of two, three and up to four pieces as a way to condense uses and form unique areas of activity within each beach.


1st Prize | International Competition 'Architetture per i litorali' en Pistis. Italy | 2010