Lanbide Office in Bilbao

Bilbao. Spain | 2021

Basque Employment Service LANBIDE

A public service office is planned for the Basque Employment Service LANBIDE and the State Public Employment Service SEPE. The distribution principle is given by the functional requirements of the clients and the geometry of the space. The length of the main space, as well as the need to organize the maximum number of desks for attention, led to a battery of workstations along the space. This solution optimizes the available area while generating an architectural image whose appeal lies in the power of depth and perspective. This space is oriented to the east, towards a pedestrian area, where the public entrance is located. 

In terms of construction, the intention was to use an alternative palette of materials and a strategy of rigorous order, with the aim of giving the necessary dignity to this type of public offices, with both permanent and occasional users in mind. Consequently, the main space is solved with a triangular section of wooden ceiling, a geometry that serves to conceal existing installations, contributes to acoustic damping and rhythmically patterns the longitudinal component of the space. In addition, the warmth of the material lends a certain domesticity to the offices. The openings on the east façade are treated in the same sequence, in keeping with the rhythm of the building's windows. The floor and walls are finished in dark tones, helping to create a calm and serene atmosphere appropriate for the specific use of the offices.